Frequently asked questions FOR MARDEN RUGBY TAGGERS


We are a growing Rugby Community and kindly ask our families to work with us regarding mindful parking.


We recommend our Tiny’s park in the school grounds however it fills up quickly. We will close the school gate once filled but as an overflow we ask you to park mindfully on the road outside.

We recommend our Junior’s park behind the Memorial Hall. We have permission to use this car park on a Saturday morning however, when the hall is being Hired this takes priority.

The Memorial Hall is to the right of Marden Primary Academy, we must stress that we can not be held responsible for your property while parking within the Memorial Hall grounds.

We will post on Social Media when we can not use the Memorial Hall car park so PLEASE check our platforms regularly.

There is another car park 1 minute drive up the road behind Marden Library, this will be a 10 minute walk to Rugby Taggers for those with little legs.

When in doubt, parking on the road is allowed however we ask that our families park safely, have respect for our neighbours drive ways, pedestrians and families who are walking to Rugby Taggers.

All parking protocols have been actioned with everyone’s safety at the forefront, the rest is up to human responsibility!!!

What is the difference between the Tiny Taggers and Junior Taggers session?

The Tiny Taggers session is for boys and girls aged 3-5 years old. A fantastic way to introduce your little ones to real outdoor rugby while playing games, having fun, making friends and memories. Parent participation encourages children to grow confident and engage in a social environment. This is true parent/child bonding time, you will rarely see mobile devices in anyone’s hands! For more information about how parents take part visit our socials or ‘Our Story So Far’ page.

The Junior Taggers session is for boys and girls aged 6–10 (or end of year 6 primary school age). Junior Taggers can be for children from the younger session to progress into or for older children with little/no rugby experience to join. A perfect way for your child to learn rugby skills and techniques through activities and playing games plus, if applicable, to prepare your child for Rugby playing secondary schools. This group does not require parent participation unless requested.

My child is almost 3, can we attend?

Yes. We recommend from 3 years old however you are welcome to bring your little one along for your free trial and see how you get on.

How long is each session?

Both sessions are 45 minutes long with plenty of drink breaks throughout.

What if my child doesn’t participate like the other children?

More often than not, when young children attend Rugby Taggers for the first time, they may not listen fully, may not follow instructions properly and may have days when they come but don’t seem as engaged as previous visits. THIS IS NORMAL!!!!! A high percentage of children who have been coming for a while now started out like this. A perfect example is little Teddy here, the pictures below speak for themselves and now, because his Dad was patient and persevered (in all weathers), Teddy is engaged and his confidence has grown enormously. We are all parents, and if children have an off day never worry, everyone has off days.

Are SEND children catered for at Rugby Taggers.

Yes. Darren has a lot of experience working with SEND children and adults. You are more than welcome to contact Darren ahead of time to discuss your children’s needs and ask any questions you need answering. In the meantime please see ‘Darren’s Back Story‘ page for more information.

Can I leave the premises during my child’s session?

No, for two reasons: Firstly, if an injury occurs parents will need to be present. Secondly, at Rugby Taggers we encourage parent participation and an opportunity for bonding time. Although parent participation is not always requested during the Junior session, as it is during the Tiny’s session, staying to watch your child play and to be involved in their achievements not only has an enormous positive impact for their growth and confidence but it’s an activity that you will be talking about all week!

Can I pay for session fees with cash?

Due to Covid 19 protocols we are now a card/contactless payment only club and will remain this way for the foreseeable future.

If I buy 5 sessions for £30 do I have to use them across consecutive weekends?

No. We completely understand families will often have other events at the weekend to attend. We do, however, encourage the 5 sessions to be used within an 8 week window to promote regular and consistent attendance which will build your child/ren’s confidence.

Do I need to book the first free session and future sessions?

Due to our community growing we greatly appreciate new families contacting us to book their free introductory sessions in advance, purely so we can expect your arrival. At this moment in time, after your first session, there is no need to commit to booking and arriving for future sessions.

What should we bring to Rugby Taggers?

Always bring a drink for during and a snack for after the session. During the warmer months sunscreen is essential, in the wetter months be prepared for a muddy child in your car! You will need: a towel to sit your child on, a bag for muddy shirt, socks and boots, spare pair of socks and shoes and wet wipes for muddy hands.

What should my child/ren wear for rugby fun?

In the wetter and cooler months we recommend layering and in the warmer months shorts and t-shirts are fine.

Is it essential to purchase Rugby Taggers Kit?

This is completely your choice. Only if your child/ren show enthusiasm and a desire to return regularly do we recommend purchasing shirts and hoodies.

What’s the best way to attach Achievement Stars to a Rugby Taggers shirt?

Please do not iron Achievement Stars to your Rugby Taggers shirts, we recommend good old fashioned needle and thread.

Should I buy studded Rugby Boots or are trainers ok?

During the warmer, dryer months trainers are absolutely fine due to the ground being so hard but we don’t recommend wearing your children’s best trainers! During the wetter months we do recommend studded boots, these could be studded rugby or football boots. We also have a Boot Box full of pre loved studded boots in different sizes that can be borrowed however this is subject to size availability. If you have football/rugby boots that you no longer need we greatly appreciate the donation for our growing rugby community to use.

We are new to Rugby Taggers, what time do we need to arrive?

Our Tiny Taggers session begins at 9:15 and Junior Taggers begins at 10:15. We highly recommend new families arriving 10/15 minutes early for the following reasons: To get parked, beat the rush, to ask us any questions you might have, to allow a little time to settle in and, in the wetter months, change into rugby boots (see below info about rugby boots).

Where do I find the Rugby Taggers Waiver?

Please be sure to fill in our online waiver prior to your arrival, this is available on our ‘New Rugby Taggers‘ page. Alternatively we have consent forms ready for your arrival.

Can I drop my child/ren off and come back after the session finishes?

No. The Tiny Taggers session requires parent participation which offers the opportunity for some fun parent/child bonding time. During the Junior Taggers session parents are encouraged to remain and watch so you don’t miss your children’s proud moments of team work and achievement.

What happens when it rains?

Rugby Taggers runs all year round in all weathers. In the result of having to cancel a session due to the weather we will only cancel the Tiny Taggers session. We will aim to keep the Junior Taggers session on to accommodate our older attendees who LOVE rugby in the rain and mud. If however we are expecting significant rainfall and need to cancel all together we will give as much notice as possible via our Social Media Platforms. Please be sure to like and follow our Facebook and Instagram pages to stay updated.

Are toilets available?

We highly recommend children take a trip to the bathroom before starting your journey to rugby as we do not have access to any toilet facilities. If nature calls during rugby we of course have an abundance of bushes, however we have permission from Bridget at the West End Tavern for you to use their facilities in times of little emergencies. The West End Tavern is a 2 minute walk from Marden Primary Academy. They are also a fantastic place to visit for food and drinks!!

See you soon!