Kit and Awards

Rugby Taggers Kit

Rugby Taggers Shirts and Hoodies are now available to order!

Youth sizes – £25 | Adult sizes – £35

Youth sizes – £28 | Adult sizes – £35

Larger sizes are available upon request

For families wishing to purchase a Rugby Taggers Shirt and/or Hoodie we recommend measuring a well fitting, similar, item of clothing your child currently wears to select the correct size plus add a little extra for growing room and layering in the cooler months.

The measurements above cover the full circumference of the chest and back in inches.


The button below will take you to our online shop where you can order at your own leisure. Please be aware our shirts are bespoke so delivery from Karuta will take around 4 weeks.

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Achievement Stars

For every 10 sessions your child/ren attends Rugby Taggers they are awarded a very special Gold Star. These stars represent consistency in all weathers and coming back for more Rugby fun. It is highly recommended that these stars are stitched onto their Rugby Taggers shirt as a mark of achievement for them to be proud of, plus it is so inspiring to newer children attending. Over the last 5 years we have awarded countless stars, here are just a few proud moments:

The 100 Session Club

As your Tagger attends more Saturday fun their collection of Gold Stars will grow. Over time they could become part of the extremely special 100 session club where a Blue Star is awarded. We have recently experienced a boom in this club, here are some more proud moments:

The 200 Session Club

The 200 sessions club now has its first member, Jack. It is an enormous achievement for our Taggers to be awarded a Red Star marking the 20th Star for 200 sessions. This means rugby in all weathers over all 4 seasons for a number of years! The bar has been raised and we look forward to awarding more Red Stars!


If you have a question please message us via our contact page or call Darren on 07834225584. Alternatively you can email: